The following article contains some tips for making the support process more efficient. Utilizing these suggestions will allow the support team to more quickly diagnose problems and find a fix sooner.

Tip #1: Send in the quote ID, client ID, and/or report ID. 

If you run into a problem within a client, quote, or report, having the correct ID numbers will prevent us from spending unnecessary time searching for the problem area. These IDs can be found in link URL's, such as the one found in your browser search bar.

For report ID's, hovering over the report's link will yield a URL at the bottom of your screen where the ID number will be visible.


Tip #2: Send a Screenshot

This is also an incredibly helpful way to ensure that the support team is seeing what you're seeing. When a ticket is submitted with text only, there could potentially be some ambiguity regarding what the issue is. Make sure to send as much of your screen as possible, and feel free to mark it up and annotate if necessary!

Tip #3: Send a Link

Quick and easy. Is there a particular page causing trouble? Grab the link to the page you're using and send it our way!

Tip #4: Details, Details, Details

Any way in which you can provide as much detail as possible about the issue you are facing is welcome! The more we know about the nature of the problem, the quicker and more efficient our solutions will be.